📰 A Guide to Starting a Daily Writing Practice

Author: notebook.drmaciver.com

Full Title: A Guide to Starting a Daily Writing Practice

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Highlights from February 22nd, 2021.

The daily writing practice I’d advocate for is to write at least one sentence, as close to every day as you can manage, in a location that gives you the opportunity to easily write something closer to a short essay should you choose to do so.
You are probably much better at writing than you think you are, but writing feels hard not because writing is hard but because you have a lot of associated anxiety with it (school does that to you). By getting to regularly experience writing as relatively easy, you’ll start to drain some of that anxiety.
By writing daily you’ll start to notice themes across your writing, and you can begin to draw them out, connecting up your knowledge and thoughts better.
You should avoid any nontrivial activation energy for getting started and just start. Pick wherever to write is the lowest effort for you to do so, don’t try to do anything complicated to get set up.
My favourite prompt is to find some interesting passage of writing, copy it out, and add commentary.

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