📰 Angelus, 30 June 2013

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Full Title: Angelus, 30 June 2013 | Francis

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Highlights from March 5th, 2021.

Jesus, in his earthly existence, was not, as it were “remote-controlled”: he was the incarnate Word, the Son of God made man, and at a certain point he made the firm decision to go up to Jerusalem for the last time; it was a decision taken in his Conscience, but not alone: together with the Father, in full union with him!
Jesus does not want selfish Christians who follow their own ego, who do not talk to God. Nor does he want weak Christians, Christians who have no will of their own, “remote-controlled” Christians incapable of creativity, who always seek to connect with the will of someone else and are not free. Jesus wants us free. And where is this freedom created? It is created in dialogue with God in the Person’s own Conscience. If a Christian is unable to speak with God, if he cannot hear God in his own Conscience, he is not free, he is not free.
The Conscience is the interior place for listening to the truth, to goodness, for listening to God; it is the inner place of my relationship with him, the One who speaks to my heart and helps me to discern, to understand the way I must take and, once the decision is made, to go forward, to stay faithful.

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