📰 Athenaeus: Deipnosophists - Book 15

Author: attalus.org

Full Title: Athenaeus: Deipnosophists - Book 15

URL: http://www.attalus.org/old/athenaeus15.html

Highlights from March 9th, 2021.

Hygieia, most revered of the blessed gods,   May I dwell with you for the rest of my life,   And may you be the gracious inmate of my house.   For if there is any delight in wealth or in offspring,   Or in royal dominion which makes men equal to gods, or in those desires   Which we seek to capture by Aphrodite's hidden nets,   Or if any other joy or rest from toil has been revealed to men by the gods,   It is with your help, blessed Hygieia,   That they all flourish and shine in the Graces' discourse;   But without you, no man is happy.