πŸ“° Awareness Is a User Interface | Expanding Awareness #16

Author: Michael Ashcroft

Full Title: Awareness Is a User Interface | Expanding Awareness #16

URL: https://expandingawareness.substack.com/p/awareness-is-a-user-interface-expanding

Highlights from February 23rd, 2021.

If the space between stimulus and response is very small, you will almost certainly end up following your habitual response, over and over. Your options disappear just at the moment you might want to choose one of them.
My goal with these newsletters has been largely to show you that these dynamics around awareness exist. It’s a whole new world of experience, with effects that seem obvious on reflection, but that lacked words and a useable framework. THIS is why Alexander Technique, I think, could be so valuable. Alexander Technique lets you engage with the world at the level of awareness, rather than at the level of the objects within it.