📰 Belief, Attachment and Letting Go

Author: Satya Narayan

Full Title: Belief, Attachment and Letting Go

URL: https://snarayan.substack.com/p/belief-attachment-and-letting-go

Highlights from March 7th, 2021.

In this case, the belief is rooted deeply in our relationships and the attachment we have with our loved ones. This belief may not always be logical, and changing this belief has implications larger than oneself. How then do you go about updating a belief that has formed through love?
In this case, the detachment is not just from an abstract concept, but from a real entity. An entity that we are really closely attached to. This is where the theory of changing beliefs becomes a little weak in my opinion.
A change of that nature cannot come at an individual level. It has to happen through love again. By conversations that are rooted in trust and respect.