πŸ“° Domestic Cozy: 10

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Full Title: Domestic Cozy: 10

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Highlights from March 4th, 2021.

There is an interesting emerging relationship, I think, between domestic cozy and the slightly older β€œtrad” turn in contemporary youth culture (which I think began at the height of the recession with burned-out Millennials), complete with tendencies towards religion, social conservatism, and traditional gender roles.
I suspect Fifth Wave feminism is going to be based on some sort of post-#MeToo reconstructed notion of domesticity that attempts to reclaim the domestic arena as a feminine-centric space, but without giving up the political and economic agency gains of the four waves of public-arena feminism
In The Human Condition, Hannah Arendt noted that the domestic sphere, historically, was a fully constrained zone of non-stop labor, where nobody, not even the master of the house, enjoyed any freedom. It was only by venturing out in public that even the master could enjoy a measure of freedom and agency. At Home, there was a defined role with duties for everyone. And if you never really left the domestic sphere, you were basically never really free.