📰 Realist Magic: Like an Illusion

Author: Timothy Morton

Full Title: Realist Magic: Like an Illusion

URL: https://quod.lib.umich.edu/o/ohp/13106496.0001.001/1:6/--realist-magic-objects-ontology-causality?rgn=div1&view=fulltext

Highlights from March 10th, 2021.

There are objects: cinnamon, microwaves, interstellar particles and scarecrows. There is nothing underneath objects. Or, better, there is not even nothing underneath them. There is no such thing as space independent of objects (happily contemporary physics agrees). What is called Universe is a large object that contains objects such as black holes and racing pigeons. Likewise there is no such thing as an environment: wherever we look for it, we find all kinds of objects—biomes, ecosystems, hedges, gutters and human flesh. In a similar sense, there is no such thing as Nature.