📙 Basic Teachings of the Buddha

Author: Glenn Wallis, Buddha

Full Title: Basic Teachings of the Buddha

Highlights from March 13th, 2021.

One of the Buddha’s favorite metaphors for the practice that we refer to as “meditation” is bhavanā, “cultivation.” He certainly had in mind the ubiquitous farms and fields of his native India when employing this image. Thus, unlike “meditation” or “contemplation,” the Buddha’s term is musty, rich, verdant. It smells of the earth. The commonness of his chosen term—it would have resonated with a farmer—suggested naturalness, everydayness, ordinariness. The term also suggested hope: no matter how fallow it has become or damaged it may be, a field can always be cultivated—endlessly enhanced, enriched, developed—to produce a favorable and nourishing harvest.