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Highlights from February 25th, 2021.

Perceptual Control Theory helps us understand human experience, above and beyond any other scientific theory around. Let's make sense of experience and explore the perceptual control hierarchy. https://t.co/icT9Zs4j4V

Living organisms control their perception through negative feedback control, in a continous loop in which perception (input) is compared to a reference signal (output from higher systems). The error (difference) continously drives output (acting on lower systems/the environment). https://t.co/NsRbmcqF1t

This hierarchical architecture of nested control systems allows for controlling complex perceptions, building up from lowest level sensory input to highest level control of identity or worldview. https://t.co/YfmdYW4KVI

PCT helps us understand how we reach our goals in many ways, continuously. How we regain control when we we miss our target or have conflicted goals. https://t.co/wxVkF8naAu

William T. Powers hypothesized 11 levels of perceptual control, each level building on top of the levels below. https://t.co/hfcKYbPaMW

For example: configuration control explains how we make sense of intensities (level 1) combined into sensations (level 2). Comparable to the idea of a Gestalt. https://t.co/KImH9sImoD

Higher up the hierarchy, we control how we go along with the flow through sequence control. https://t.co/TcIvmI2RQ2

...Or to control multiple sequences, we've got program control, making choices. https://t.co/X9temNV0Sw

To direct our choices when options conflict, we use principle control, sensing intuitively what's important or meaningful. https://t.co/Q8BimZdzuX

... and at the highest level our principles are united in system concepts, our worldview, our experience of what is true. https://t.co/x0GgEydGU8

Through exploring these levels, many fragmented concepts of psychology make sense. Emotion emerges with gaining or losing control. The experience of time and self are limited to slices of the hierarchy. https://t.co/In2EJI6BXA

Enjoy the exploration of the entire hierarchy (+the option of a 12th level) in my slideshow with audio and video comments. https://t.co/eAODkdnnvU

Explore the Perceptual Levels in the Dutch version of this presentation + many other Dutch articles about PCT and Method of Levels therapy at our website https://t.co/DV4CXTwJsS https://t.co/39DbZKhYOS

Explore the depth of this theory at the free online conference of the IAPCT https://t.co/I99FDcbWuN