Thread on @m_ashcroft, @kev_mcg and Rooms and Furniture

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Full Title: Hmm Thinking of @M_ashcr...

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Highlights from January 11th, 2021.

hmm thinking of @m_ashcroft, awareness of space, room layout, and also a bit of @kev_mcg mythical places my office tends to shape my awareness in one direction, namely into the computer

the room is narrowish and the computer is parallel to the short side, so the screen is like “light at the end of a tunnel” or like the windscreen of a car

I was thinking this office is like the “tower” of a “seer” with the computer as a synoptic gaze window or a crystal ball 🔮 for overviewing life, hovering over the world with thought... but I now think this is kinda iffy

so I now think it would be healthy to widen the space by strengthening other centers in the room an inspiration here is like a boat’s cabin that sails in the open sea but maintains a convivial interiority that doesn’t only face out to the water

so the seafarers would do their sailing navigating work and then go back to the Interior and like play some cards around a table; there’s a cozy sense of place inside, that balances the vastness of the sea

there’s also a McLuhan thing where the computer’s medium is the message: regardless of the screen’s content, it has a fundamental shaping effect on my body, my senses, and my awareness of space