Thread on John Vervaeke, Agnes Callard, and aspirational symbols

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Highlights from November 18th, 2020.

aha, @vervaeke_john builds on the “aspiration” thought from @AgnesCallard but counters that aspiration (acting to acquire new values, becoming a new agent, self-creation) relies on our “symbolic capacity or capacity for enacted symbolic behavior https://t.co/fPVIhenB0v

thinking about reinterpreting “symbolic artificial intelligence” so that henceforth it’s not a computer research program, instead it’s the way we humans enhance our own intelligence by using symbols

I’m definitely adding aspiration assistance to this project like a todo list is a very simple software for when you know your values already, but what kind of program would help you aspire to become a new agent with new values? https://t.co/5pY3pOJxdF

indeed it seems that a crucial aspect of such a software would be that it would help you find, develop, and stabilize “symbols” of potentiality — not in the sense of symbolic formal logic, but in the sense of the scales as the Symbol of justice or the cross as the symbol of Jesus

this also resonates with Dreyfus's account of Homeric gods as public shared vibe symbols that inspire and legitimize aspiration https://t.co/QnTHF6NLTi

I think @snarayan's @antar_app is also a good framework for this kind of aspirational symbolic self-representation